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Multiply your efforts by having a "big picture" thinker and direct response marketing strategist on your side.

Shoot over a quick message, information request, or a request for quote.  If it sounds like there could be something there, I'll reach back out within 24 hours.

Leverage the skills and experience responsible for multiple 6-figure campaigns, 11-million + in client revenue growth, and more. 

Experience directly measurable results, along with the clear-cut communication and BS-Free experience that comes with it.

Multiply your efforts by having a "big picture" thinker and direct response marketing strategist on your side.


  • Get inside your ideal market's hearts and minds so you know their buyer behavior better than they do

  • Evaluate your current copywriting, messaging, and ideal client knowledge and see where it can be improved

  • Follow our systematic step-by-step process to paint vivid pictures to your audience through copywriting and marketing

  • Uncover and generate your strongest USPs, headlines, and "Hooks"


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Alyssa Austin
Author / Actress / Performance Coach

It's truly difficult to find a direct response copywriter who knows their stuff, let alone gets ACTUAL results with their sales copy - Jon is a sales page wizard! I didn't know much about direct response (and its potential) until I met Jon and we worked together for over a year. It was always SUCH a weight off my shoulders to know he was working on our pages... because I knew his copy would sell! His work ethic is off the charts, and he will make revision after revision until you are 100% happy with the result.

Jay Magpantay
Best-Selling Author, Founder of The Coaching Forum

Jon saved me hours of writing email copy and perfectly captured my tone and character. It takes time to find someone who writes in your voice and Jon nailed it in record time.

Aishwarya Jagani
Agora Financial

Jon Reyes is a terrific copywriter and a wonderful coach! I took his 6-figure Masterclass, and it changed the way I approach copywriting. It's a powerful course, packed with useful information on attracting and retaining clients. I put some of his advice to use right away, like offering a free report on my website. If you're looking for a coach to help you scale your business, better your copywriting skills or attract more clients, Jon's your guy!

Cassy Velez

Social Media Marketer & Strategist

Jon is an amazing results-oriented copywriter. He really takes the time to thoroughly get to know your company, offer, and desired results so he can tailor copy to not effectively speak to your ideal customer but also stay on brand and, ultimately, convert. So many people will call themselves “copywriters” nowadays, but it takes a person who is not only a great writer, but also understands marketing and sales psychology to create copy that garners true results

Aaron, COO of Brain.fm

Jon was a tremendous boost to our team. Within just a month, he completely "got" our audience, producing an in-depth customer persona doc for us that was on point, and then making that understanding actionable in copy crafted for a campaign that generated the greatest revenue of any of our email campaigns to date. His drive, creative ideas, consistent follow through and execution, and fantastic communication skills all made it a blast to work with him.

Shaun, Head Copywriter at Performance Nutrition 

I worked alongside Jon for a year, and saw firsthand how dedicated and skilled he is at direct response copywriting. He's he's easy to work with and shares great ideas. But, talk is cheap... results count, and I've seen Jon's work pull in around 5 figures in revenue PER MONTH, with some even converting at 3.3% to cold traffic.

Chad, Director of Business Development

I'm an exec for a national supply business, and we contracted Jon to assist in our sales and client acquisition. His expertise and feedback greatly improved our emails, and helped us secure more clients and contracts during our ongoing expansion. Jon's always a pleasure to work with, and never missed a single deadline.

Mark, Digital Marketing Leader

Jon's helped rake me in thousands of optins / subscribers for a single webinar, and he even closed the sale on many of the 'non buyers' with his follow up emails. He also helped me with other marketing funnels and tackled these campaigns like a boss. Also, he was easy to communicate with and didn't back down even when we worked on campaigns for A-List clients.