Professional, Conversion Driven Videos for
Lead Generation, Sales Pages, Paid Ads, Online Courses, & More...

The Original Conversion-Driven ‘Video Sales Letter' Since 1999 

Before the ‘Video Sales Letter’ or ‘VSL,’ and today’s ‘Talking Head Videos,’ there was the Sales Cinema.


Pioneered and produced by our partner David Dogget, our cutting-edge Video Marketing Technology produced leads, sales, and info-marketing results for businesses across the globe since 1999....


And, when paired with a custom video script from an 8-Figure producing copywriter, our Sales Cinema can accelerate the results of virtually any Paid Ad, Sales Page, Landing Page, Lead Generation Campaign, and more.

Whether you’re aiming for:


  • A teaser video

  • A marketing-driven documentary

  • Social media ad

  • Lead capture page

  • Sales pitch

  • Video course

  • Explainer vid

  • Long form sales page

  • Upsell, downsell, one-time-offers

  • Or something else…


...our high-impact, attention-grabbing, professional, and persuasive videos can get your job done in MINUTES. (Because we both know that, in today's info-driven world, nobody has the patience to watch a 20+ minute pitch.)

The Bottom Line:

You choose your vision and goal for a custom, conversion-driven video...

Then, we’ll build everything for you, start to finish. 


Here’s How It Works:


  1. Hit the button to book a private, one-time only free coaching call 

  2. On our call, we’ll listen to your goals and provide direct feedback and insights you can use right away

  3. We may make an offer is there is something there… if it’s not a fit, we aim to give you value either way and point you in the right direction, no judgment on our end


If we agree there's a good fit to move forward, here's how we usually proceed....


  1. Collaboration session with you to craft the video outline, script goals, effects, graphics, etc

  2. Deep dive market research into your target market and/or offer

  3. Leveraging multi-million-dollar producing direct response copy to craft, revise, and supercharge your video script

  4. Complete production of your video, including graphics, voice over, script, colors, and feel - customized based on your feedback

  5. Hands-on coaching call with David, head of video production, and Jon Reyes, our Head of Copy and 8-Figure sales producing copywriter & strategist

  6. Voice-Over included (-- additional script revisions available, TBD)

  7. Direct response copy revisions can be made to your script, based on your input, prior to full production of your Sales Cinema to ensure we capture your unique voice

  8. Complete turn-around time is faster than any similar service you’ve worked with

  9. You’re delivered the full, high-quality video including voice-over, graphics, complete production, all with smooth and professional feel

  10. Package discounts available